About us

Aarch Solutions: Your Archway to Talent Pool

To become a successful professional is one thing. To discover talented individuals and turn them into successful professionals is a different game altogether. We, at Aarch Solutions, have been heading this game in the Indian HR recruitment scenario for the last one and a half decades. Established in 2004 and headquartered in Bangalore, we take pride in helping companies find resources that suit their specific business needs, providing them support in Mergers and Acquisitions and business expansion, and offering comprehensive recruitment solutions. From research, market intelligence mapping, and salary mapping to geographic suitability assessment and support in turnkey projects, we do it all.

How We Started: From Small Steps to Big Leaps

Back in 2001 to 2004, when the corporate sector was witnessing an unprecedented demand for professionals, we took the path less trodden and focused exclusively on domain-specific hiring in the Analytics, Investment Banking, Consulting, high-end Financial Services, Knowledge Process Outsourcing, and IT Enabled Services. That was how we started Aarch Solutions and built niche market expertise that many other firms can only dream of.

What Makes Us a Trailblazer: Our USPs

Today, a decade and a half down the line, we top the list of the most reputed and reliable HR headhunters in the country and are a trusted hiring partner to Fortune 500 companies and SMEs alike. Our fail-proof strategies, domain expertise, data-driven recruiting techniques, and focused tactics provide us with a cutting-edge platform of recorded success, with an unmatchable candidate conversion ratio of 1:4.

What We Do: Much More Than a Headhunter

We are not mere headhunters. We are success-hunters in the world of human resource recruiters. Here’s a snapshot of what we do:

  • We specialize in Analytics, Advance Analytics, Investment Banking, Consulting and high-end Financial Services recruitment.
  • We take care of our clients’ end-to-end hiring needs and offer support in Mergers and Acquisitions, business expansion, turnkey assignments, and the mapping of data, industry-specific salary, and geographical suitability.
  • We also provide all-inclusive support in niche skill hiring and confidential hiring.
  • We find right candidates across levels – i.e. mid, leadership, and executive levels.
  • We offer tailor-made services based on our clients’ requirements.

Our Team, Our Most Priced Asset

We value our clients. And we value our employees equally. Being a people-centric organization, we nurture our people, help them learn the tricks of the trade, and offer them support at every stage of their professional journey. That makes our team and our services several cuts above the ordinary.

They say hiring is a challenging, time-consuming, and expensive process. We tend to disagree. With a competent and experienced HR recruitment partner by your side, the entire process becomes as easy as a breeze. And that’s what we are known for.