Analytics, the science of discovering and interpreting meaningful patterns of data and applying them to businesses for improved decision making, has come a long way since its inception. Once, this domain was all about basics statistical functions, but the advent of commercial software like SAS, its open source counterpart R, and the open source scripting language Python has significantly changed the scene in the 2000s. Today, Big Data and Advanced Analytics rule the business world and organizations are facing an unprecedented demand for specialists who can handle predictive, prescriptive, cognitive, and augmented analytics to leverage their core operations.

Aarch Solutions Hiring Expertise in Analytics

We at Aarch Solutions have been offering recruitment solutions in the domain of analytics since inception. Our many years of expertise in the field has enabled us to help companies survive the data boom by providing them with talented resources for data-driven roles, such as data scientists, data engineers, solution architects, chief analysts, and many more. We cater to several niche segments like healthcare, insurance, BFS, manufacturing, and retail, with a proven record of closing diversity positions at a rate of 42%.

As domain experts, we specialise in recruiting top-notch professionals for the following analytics competencies as listed below:

Advanced Analytics

  • Data scientist (Deep Learning / Text Analytics / Image Processing)
  • Big data
  • AI
  • NLP
  • Hadoop
  • Python

Business Intellegence
(Programming / Reporting)

  • SAS
  • Tableau
  • QlikView
  • R
  • Cognos


  • Predictive Modelling
  • Risk Modelling (Basel, CCAR, CECL, PPNR)
  • Market Risk (VAR, Pricing, GARCH, Extreme value Theory, Monte carlo Simulation)

Industry Practise and work Split

Diversity Position closed in 2018 is 42%