Market Intelligence

Informed decision making is the stepping stone to success in every aspect of a business, including talent recruitment. In-depth knowledge about the market, existing talent pools, compensation norms, and industry practices can enable you to attract the best talents and retain them for long-term engagements. This is where Aarch Solutions helps you to stay one step ahead in the game with our market intelligence. We are adept at providing comprehensive and accurate market data that can help you derive relevant and actionable intelligence.

Why Choose
Our Market Intelligence Service?

We turn data into critical insights to give our clients the much-needed business edge. Here are a few defining features of our market intelligence services:

  • Talent Mapping: We are experts at collecting market data regarding prospective talents and creating a talent map. Having a candidate profile before the need arises facilitates decision making, helps in confidential recruitment and reduces the cost and speed of hiring.
  • Compensation Survey: We gather exhaustive data about compensation and that too with a fast turnaround time. In order to attract and engage the best talents, you need to offer them attractive salaries. Our compensation survey can provide you with in-depth insights about the same.
  • Reference Check: We conduct a thorough reference check to discover unprejudiced information about a candidate‚Äôs reputation and performance history. A wrong candidate hired for a critical position can prove to be quite costly for a company. Our exceptional reference check can act as a powerful selection tool for your recruitment needs.